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Healthcare or good old fashion politics?

Sometimes I like to think I catch on quick…….I have been increasingly seeing this healthcare thing as having nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with plain old politics…….and on this one I think I’m right. Chuck Grassley (R. IA) has worked with the White House and the democrats to negotiate a bipartisan bill. He’s back in Iowa right now and he’s catching hell for consorting with the enemy….namely the Democrats and Obama…The issue seems to be less and less, the bill, and more and more,  make believe bogey men.

This whole thing reminds me of the period right after the presidential election when the conservatives did their ‘cleansing’ thing……..What a shame……Cause a lot of people need to be able to have healthcare, and this country needs to get a handle on its medical costs. This president is following the trail that Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to walk down……and the president is seeing that that road is steep and full of pit falls and holes……I wish him luck…we all need him to persevere……

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