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President Obama speaks to veterans on the Military……….

I just got finished watching the Commander in Chief doing a major speech on our military to veterans….The speech was very good…..He touched on his theme of change and the military …touching on the costs, the equipment , the two wars and his pledge to take his job seriously.  He also tied healthcare into the speech, along with not forgetting the nations veterans. He made a point to announce the increases in the services to cover the increased missions. As I said the speech was good….But I will take exception to one thing in his speech…..Marine One…….Obama went on to do a story about the chopper having the ability to serve up a meal for the Chief executive. I got that. But…. I don’t agree with Obama and Gates in canceling the new Marine One contract…actually, I feel he’s doing this country a great disservice. The United States government has 9 completed helicopters, after paying $3 Billion for them…..Congress has appropriated another $400 million to help pay for no more than 6 more to give the Marine ‘s a total of 15 brand new choppers……the total cost to finish getting the current new chopper fleet would be about $4.5 Billon, and the new chopper’s would be inservice in a year and a half……. If the program is indeed cancelled……the CIC would continue to fly in 30 year old choppers, that would not be replaced until at least 10 years from now, ( and another contract would be bid in a  few months! ) at a cost of  more than $20 billion dollars!…….Now that does that make any sense?…….take out the extra stuff like stoves or microwaves, and save the country money and take the new choppers you already have ………and thank you Mr President for not forgetting the ones who have served for us all………….

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