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The fight over the public option is on!

Today the push back from within the democratic party materialized on dropping the public option in the healthcare bill, and the White House is a little wobbly ( they just threw Sebelius under the bus ) ……..Several Senate and House members have gone on the record against the trial balloons offered by the administration…for Obama, this could be the hardest thing he has tackled so far…I think it could surpass the election……

He knows he can get a bill probably with out the public option …heck, the Republicans would probably give him it smiling…but now he’s got the problem of the progressives in the House and Senate mad at him ( and Grassley back in the fold with the Republicans), and a bill without the option will cost him a good bit of his base…….

I posted a strategy piece from the Washington Post a few days ago….that piece suggested that the President would wait till September to show his cards….that may not work if the progressives get too restive…….

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  1. All obama will do is outsource anyways. Just think about the all the lobbyists flocking to Washington DC because of obama’s reckless over-spending of $2 TRILLION in just 6 months, which alone is increasing the National Debt by 20%.

    Politicians take people’s money and reward the large corporations, in this case companies in the health care industry, since they have the money to more effectively lobby politicians. In the end smaller businesses will be hurt.

    Politicians will only reward companies that will be in their best political interest. Honestly, when can you really trust politicians since they are basically professional liars, and being president just means you are the best liar of the time. Why not just give the money directly from the people to the companies and take politicians in government out of the equation?

    obama is going to recklessly spend TRILLIONS of tax payers’ money just to give insurance to about 25% of those who do not have it. Over 50% of people’s income go towards taxes, just imagine how many more people will afford health care insurance if their income is almost doubled because of dramatic tax cuts.

    Competition is what is needed. It lowers prices of products and services, along with developing new innovations. All of which will benefit consumers. You need to remember that monopolistic tendencies can also apply to government.

    The reason why the cost of insurance is high is because politicians in government mandate insurance companies to increase their premiums to pay for ridiculous things. In addition, politicians put up regulations so that Americans are not allowed to get insurance from another state and use the coverage in their own state. This reduces competition making it more expensive for people to get insurance. On top of that medical professionals are not allowed to freely practice their profession in any US state without taking a long and tedious licensing process. This again increases the cost of medical insurance.

    In the end, the problem with most economic issues is too much government intervention of the economy by politicians, who will only tend to do things for political self interest. Just like how obama nationalized GM to pander to its unions. Politicians can barely run government, yet people think they can run a multi-national auto manufacturing company?

    The solution is SMALLER government, LESS spending, and LOWER taxes.

    Comment by Sammy | August 19, 2009 | Reply

    • Well, Sammy its you keyboard….But here’s my take…….
      1) Obama got handed a bad problem by the Bush administration going out the door…..His actions were actually dictated by Paulson…..But you forget that a good amount of those companies are already repaying their loans …WITH INterest…so the taxpayer is getting a return……
      2) You’re right Politicians do reward companies that help them out…no argument there…..
      3) I know it’s gonna cost money…but I feel that EVERY American should be able to get healthcare and not suffer like dogs sick dogs in the street….
      4) Insurance companies are like banks…they are in business to make money….Healthcare comes in a distant second…..
      5) Lets face it Sammy…the US Government is the court of last resort for our nations economy and the worlds……we sneezed and the whole planet caught a cold…it is irresponsible and naive to think that
      the political leadership the of the biggest economy in the world would let the world’s economy go down the toilet…….

      Comment by jamesb101 | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. I would argue that the consideration of health-care insurance reform alternatives ought to include an assessment of how consistent each is with federalism, for if we focus narrowly on the issue of the day without pausing to consider the impact on our system of governance, we will be unintentionally passing on a less perfect Union to our descendents. If you are interested in my attempt, pls see http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/27/health/policy/27health.html?_r=1&hp

    You might also be interested in this NYT article:

    Comment by euandus | October 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. euandus…first of all the links are the same…….second of all I think the choice of how the option get included in the final bill will be about politics…..plain and simple….Obama and Reid understand that they get votes to pass the bill in the senate if they give states the ability to join or drop out of the ‘public option’…this gives the liberals and progressives in the democratic party what they want and Sen’s Snowe and Collins what they can stomach….as in the Stimulus bill…these two senators are the key…to view this in another way is naive…..I would love to see the option period…but it’s simply not gonna happen…Obama worked in the Illinois legislature and had two years in the senate and he has a few letters behind his name …so he can count…..in the end it’s about 60 votes…….

    Comment by jamesb101 | October 27, 2009 | Reply

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