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Rendition and the new interrogation unit…….

I see that the White house has announced that the Bush policy of rendition, will continue…….with the add-on that the State Department will check to make sure no one turned over to a third country gets tortured……Of, course that is just face dressing since the United States can’t stop another sovereign nation from handling someone any way they want once the CIA handlers drop them off (not that the CIA won’t call back later for a transcript of what the guy said)……

On the interrogation unit thing…..this is my read……The Head of the unit….. will be an FBI agent, who will report to the National Security Council Chair……..which should make the unit principally concerned only about prosecuting that individual……..FBI agents are law enforcement officers……they build criminal cases…….and since they will be working on only the top named bad guys…..the rest will go through the system, with no change, right?

In addition, I suppose…..the first people to get their hands on the hot list people that the military doesn’t kill, will get a Q & A from the local military intel people, who will then hand the bad guy over to the CIA for a quick Q & A session before the  ‘WH specials’ arrive from DC………if , I’m even remotely correct here…..the CIA can live with this, and nothing really changes……….

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