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Congress is back……and there is a lot of work to do……..

The United States Congress opens for its fall session, and there is a lot of things to deal with. The Healthcare Bill ( the 800 pound gorilla ) is due out by October,  A possible  immigration bill (Obama has indicated he may hold off on this, till next year), and something could be coming on energy, and climate change. In addition, congress must approve the 12 appropriations bills for  year (including the fight over Defense) . The House has already done so….But the Senate has eigth bills that they haven’t dealt with, and four that need to be reconciled  with the White House .

September 30th is the due date for appropriations…after that it’s continuing resolutions something the democrats, with both houses, hoped they wouldn’t need to do (that hasn’t happened since 1994).

Added to all this is laws and regulations, some which expire at the end of the year. Some of those include taxes that have to dealt with for political reasons (estate tax and others). And Obama is sure to send a few other things up to the Capitol for their consideration, with his strategy of keeping things busy……..Hold on folks, it should be an interesting ride!……..

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