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Obama reinforces his Brand…….

I already wrote that I didn’t see the speech…and since NOBODY has written in any comments here…… I  took a look at a piece in the New York Times that sampled reaction from all over the country.…..what I seem to get was the fact that President Obama shored up his ‘brand’ last night.

As I thought……nothing really changed. He wants a Healthcare  bill…….. Period……the more comprehensive….the better…but he’ll take it with , or with-out the public option (something I have pointed out from the beginning), he’ll even take it with a threshold ‘trigger.

But , after reading the piece, I understand that the president reset the discussion back from the misinformation, shout downs and  basic adversarial direction that the Republicans had things going since congress took its summer vacation……

While doing that in the speech…he also put himself back in good graces with the left, and progressives, in his party, (who still will probably not get the option, but have the president at least looking like he’s fighting for it )….accordingly, Obama\’s number have risen again in the polling…….I said before….. he’s listening and his people are good……but in the end he’s gonna need the Republicans and the Blue Dogs….with the liberals, and progressives in his party having to join him, lest they be left behind…….

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