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It looks like The Supreme Court is gonna throw out the Campaign Finance law bans on corporate and group free speech…

On Wednesday, lawyers for the conservative group Citizens United, argued before the court that the McCain/Feingold ban on corporations and groups use of their money to express their views (they did a piece  against Hillary Clinton during last years campaign) was unconstitutional.  The hearing, which re-argued the case, and brought other similar cases into the mix, had the majority of justices subject the United States Solicitor General Elena Kagen to tough questions on ban. But the tone of the questions indicated that the justices were interested in what limits, if  at all, corporations and groups should have…..The fundamental question of if they could express their views seems to be settled already by the basis of the justices line of questions, which would  knock the ban out of the McCain/Feingold bill.

When the bill came out, progressives cheered, but I felt that the basic premise that having money should not disqualify one, or groups, from being able to say their piece……..I guess the Supreme Court is gonna agree with that….And though I don’t have a lot of money…I’m fine with that……..What’s right…is right…..

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