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Obama Canceling the Missile Shield…good mileage, a mad GOP and a happy Russia………

President Obama in his administration’s latest episode of ‘ keep’m busy, throw things at them’…..Announced yesterday that the United States was canceling the Reagan and Bush era grandiose missile star wars missile shield program………..Everyone parroted the song that the Poles and Czechs would be pissed.

When the announcement really wasn’t for them …was it?……

It was for the Russians…instead of getting in their faces..Obama has gone to his basic technique of pragmatism with a move to accommodate the Russian insecurity about the program…..and garner Obama some wiggle room in several things……namely, Iran and pressure on Europe and it gas problems……while everyone has been busy else where Obama has been told and shown quietly that the Russians have been making chess moves that have not been the US’s interest….flexing on the old Soviet satellites, backing Iran and building a nuclear power-plant for them and working to flex on its growing oil reserves…….

I’ve always said that Obama is a smart man…and this move was smart……

The Poles  and Czechs will get over there initial disappointment because they will still get Patriot missiles and a shorter range defensive system……..Putin and his President have reacted favorably to the Presidents announcement…and NATO has followed up on it with an offer to a  hold joint system, san offer the Russian’s have turned down from Bush II .

Obama is gonna get grief here in congress but, I applaud the CIC for moving steadily away from BushII’s smash mouth diplomacy (Hillary IS the bad cop to Obama’s good cop)…..and giving peace a chance……

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