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As expected….Gen. McChrystal asks for more troops….but that's not the important part………

The Washington Post in a piece  today, has posted a copy of a 66 page assessment done by General Stanley  McChrystal today……the General is scheduled to go up to the Hill on September 24 ,to give a report on things in Afghanistan……. While he has been told by National Security Chief , Gen. James Jones, and others, to find another way…..McChrystal has pushed ahead with a request for more troops…..

Now politically, the President, the nations CIC, is getting pushed into a corner by his own party, just like in the Healthcare issue……but just like in the Healthcare issue Obama will have to push back, and take his own council…..

I posted earlier that Aftghlnisan has a major problem that will make the present push there fail ultimately, and General McChrystal knows this ……His military staff must be experiencing a sense of deja’ vue…in that they are at the same spot that Patreaus was in with Bush II,  a year and a half ago……..Knowing that the troop level was too low to sustain any improvement on the ground , Patreaus endeavored to get Bush to rectify Sec. of Defense Rummsfeld’s mistake, in not using enough troops in the first place in Iraq….McChrystal finds himself in the same situation….he MUST have more troops to hold, and take more ground..it’s that simple….but the important part comes next…..

McChrystal clearly states that there must be NATION BUILDING to win in that country…..anything short of that goal will render any military gains useless… he’s smart,  and he’s right…..without improving the nations infrastructure, without improving the nations reliance on opium, without dealing with the rampant corruption, and without rising the countries standard of living… things will not work……

…It is not just a military campaign that McChrystal wants,  but Nation Building again, to hold on to, and expand gains in order that country become ultimately self reliant…..

McChrystal has it right……And civilian deserves the additional troops, civilian support and one chance  up at bat….Obama can ill afford to be the guy who ‘lost’ Afghanistan…..

Update:…...a lot if people are miffed at the fact that the 66 pager got outed to the Washington Post……Theories abound…was it McChrystal’s staff?…Are they trying to pressure the Commander-in-Chief into a decision?……Are they try to do a Patreaus?…….

……Listen…the fact remains everyone knew he was going to ask for more troops…..the field commanders that are executing the war campaign I’m sure ARE anxious to get the White House off the dime , and starting to supply more troops, if the objective is to take ground, and have enough troops to hold it………I see Biden advocated the counterrorist strategy proposed before, that uses kill teams roaming the whole AFPAK region, which has a smaller footprint,t but doe snot address NATION BUILDING and still needs Afghan and Pakistani ground troops to hold ground…..which is something that does not exist right now……

Update #2…….The Cable/Foreign Policy blog reports that Obama may have asked McChrystal to ‘scrub’ any requests for more troops……something I doubt Gen. McChrystal or Patreaus would due after all the introspection the army hierarchy went thru with Rumsfelds bullying them into going into Iraq ‘light’ the second time……..

Update#3……..Gen. McChrystal flew from London, with his wife to have a meeting aboard Air Force One with the the Presdient. in the Danish capital….while his wife got the 25 minute tour  of the plane, the CIC and General McChrystal had a face to face in the confrence room on board the plane…I would assume that the NSC advisor Jones would be the only WH heavy weight in the room…..it’s about time the CIC, and McChrystal had a serious talk, face to face, without the WH staff  present……

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  1. Occasional food drops is all that should be done

    If WE want a global effort WE should ask the Russian to contribute Hemp Seed and the French to provide Milk.

    Comment by Tim Leal | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. TPL……….the food drops things ain’t gonna get it……But Obama is hoping to get help from the Russians in exchange for cutting them some slack on the ABM shiied………….

    Comment by jamesb101 | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. Obama used a very important term this week on meet the press when asked by David Gregory how long we were going to have troops in Afghanistan. Obama said that I am not looking to put a time table on Afghanistan, but I am also not looking for the United States to OCCUPY Afghanistan indefinitely.

    I know that it is a subtle term, but it is not a term we hear often. We usually hear we are fighting the war on terror or fighting the insurgents, or the terrorists. Rarely do you hear a president say we are occupying a country. Your Thoughts, you have more time for this political stuff than I do.

    Comment by BenjaminDOG | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. No problem…….on my call…….being busy is a good thing……..

    Obama’s use of the term comes from breifings and talking to Gates and McChrystal….both the General and the Sec of Defense are keenly aware that in every military action this country has been involved in since Korea after the troops complete their inital objective they become the occupiers……since right before we got there things where sideways our troops have to restore order and like every cop knows …you have to tell people and make them do things they don’t really like to restore and maintain order……..happens every time……..

    Also, when the US gets invlved in a country it tends to have troops there for a long….long….time……..

    As I say in the piece, McChrystal is a smart guy and having seen Patreaus do his magic in Iraq ( and politically at home)…he’s got an idea were he doesn’t want to go…….

    Comment by jamesb101 | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  5. James B, Afghanistan is quickly becoming Obama’s Vietnam very fast and with Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) predicting a backlash against the Democrats in 2010 and maybe 2012 if the President runs again, we could be seeing Obama’s popularity plunge faster to 39 percent or even lower.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  6. CD…..comeon…….I’ll agree that Afghanistan is a tough one….but Vietnam?…..McChrstal is asking for A ‘surge’…and from learning the lessons of VietNam and Iraq…he is asking for not just combat troops but civil engerneer’s, and military police, and others…along with cicvlians to build the country back up into something that can offeran alteritive to the bad guys…………

    Obama is popular still……. at 50% on the daily Rass tracking poll…that’s alright considering that fact that he’s got about seven balls boucing in the air……

    Comment by jamesb101 | October 1, 2009 | Reply

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