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Gov. Paterson has decided to run against his President?……..

Okay…it seems that in another twist in the turns of the Governor of the Empire State the following occurred…After getting a nudge from the President of the United States and the titular head of the democratic party to acknowledge that he has  slim to no chance to keep his day job next november …the Governor, following his wife’s lead has turned to fighting the president as his last best hope to elevate his sorry poll numbers on Todays ‘Meet the Press’ show on NBC with David Gregory……..

While the majority of New Yorkers agree that Obama shouldn’t really get involved …Only 17% of those same New Yorkers would vote for Paterson’s re-election…and it just gets worst…Only 24% of minority votes would vote for him, which one would think would be his natural base……..

I think the man is a good man…but that does not change the fact that when its all said and done …when the crowds and reporters are gone…it remains that  Obama is correctGov. Paterson has become a liability to his party\’s future in New York (he’s right …it should be up to voters , but it won’t work out that way)….

…….He has  pride and dignity…but he will not be the next Governor of the state ( and don’t blame Andrew Cuomo, he’s still only the Atty Gen)….enjoy the ride Governor…let go, and go out and do things with the knowledge that you are free from running again………it should be a liberating feeling………

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