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The best gas conservation measure's have been technology…..

Think about it……First FAX machines meant that you could send copies of letters and documents, instead of mailing( The Post Office driving them)  them or driving to pick them up……e-mails meant that you could send information and documents (you couldn’t personally sign them) from anywhere on the plant to somewhere else (who needs FEDEX?)……..now you can use a cell phone to go to the store and get the right thing for your wife…and not have to go back to the store and return the wrong thing (saving you countless  trips)…….

All of these handy things have of course caused all sorts of other crazy things to occur …….like texing while driving….having your wife check your phone to see if you have strange females calling you….giving the cops a way to track you, even if you’re not using the phone… giving your kids something to do…instead of giving you a way to keep in touch with them, and have them do their school work…..and sadly enabling bad guys to set off remote bombs………

Saving gas consumption and opening other doors……progress thru technology…….

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