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The President and the administration has employed the old carrot and stick strategy with the Iranians since Obama has arrived in DC…while some progress seems to have been made in this weeks meetings in Geneva…one should always be wary of the Persian’s who have been around for a long, long, long time…… I am talking about that nation’s political and military apparatus …..

While we all are concerned about Iran’s nuclear weapons…and the threat they would pose….I buy into the theory floating around that the people of Iran might hate their government, but are proud of its pursuit of a nuclear capability………

Along with this fact, I am also weary of the fact that the Iranian’s have been, and are continuing to, stall the West, while working hard at continuing development at any number of nuclear facilities…….I hope the everyone isn’t getting played…..

The stick remains sanctions (which are probably very spotty), inspections and the threat of letting the Israeli’s loose…….The carrot is, sanctions going away, some sort accommodation with the West, and a world wide view that they aren’t so bad……And maybe a supervised civilian nuclear program…..

One thing I can say with certainty…President Obama will do everything he can… to go the extra mile…to turn the other cheek, to get some sort of an agreement…talking to them…not just at them…….

What a welcomed change from the past eight years………..

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