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McChrystal doesn’t give an inch…….

While the President works his way thru policy meetings on the grand strategy for Afghanistan…and  Pakistan…The commander in charge of the AFPAK region goes on….Steadily asking for more troops and resources, and fighting the war, on two fronts…..

He is overseeing the campaign in country….And his commanders are pushing hard on the ground…which has resulted in ground gaining but, US and Allied troops are running into a determined enemy, that has caused a spike in causalities. McChrystal is worried that his gains will slip away if he doesn’t get more troops to hold ground…..And so the general has become engaged in a second front….

McChrstal is now also in a campaign to get more troops……and more resources to rebuild Aftganhistan……make no mistake about it., this is the second front…..The  for at the Pentagon is over…the General and  Admirals are behind him, So is Joint Chief Mullen, and  it appears that Defense Sec. Gates is backing him also…….. Congress is probably not gonna be a hard sell, since there have been leaks to the press, that the CIC will have to get help on funding the ‘surge’, from the Republicans……

My advice to McChrystal would be to watch the White House…….That ‘s the mine field….Experience tells me that there are going to be people over there that will resent, and not forget the general’s moves to get the President ( McChrystal’s CIC ) on board his push for the surge (which is gonna anger sections of his party), with nation building that will prolong this war……..

The general seems to be on point, marching hard…and focused on his objective……

Update……..A piece from the Washington Post on the CIC meeting with the General aboard Air Force One……

Update#2…..Jones of the NSC does a pushback on McCrystal…..I told you he has a two front war…..

Update#3….and someone uses the Washington Post to leak a another warning shot…..things are getting hot on both fronts!……

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