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Jon shuts TLC down by locking them out……….

The people at TLC aren’t too smart…Why would they demote Jon from the marque…criticize the guy for his personal behavior (they’re right) in public…Then be  surprised when he locks their crew out the house when they show up to film……… WHAT WAS THEY THINKING!

Look, even though the guy has an apartment in New York he’s the parent who spend more time with kids , it appears to me…..Kate is all over the place on TV. This week Jon came out and admitted that his behavior wasn’t ‘G’ rated and said he’s reassessing his life style, and that he wanted to slow the divorce and spend some time talking to his wife (who still wants to proceed full speed with the divorce). Jon has also mentioned that all the camera’s and publicity now isn’t good for his kids, which I agree with. But the camera’s bring them money, lots of it, I hear.

I’m sure this is going to the lawyers, and this is turning into a bitter divorce case, in public…….But the people at TLC are working hard to kill the golden goose.

Jon and Kate need to spend some time together (without the camera’s, media and bodyguard), and work out the next moves in the lives…….do it for the kids…they deserve better………

Update…….Jon on Larry King………

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