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The Senate Finance Committee version of the The Healthcare Bill gets the CBO blessing, and we’re off to the races!

Today was a good day for the Democrats in Congress, and the White House. The chance for early passage of a Healthcare bill has measurably improved……..

Today the Congressional Budget Office pointed out that the bill, as it stands, will cost less than $900 Billion, it would extend coverage from the 83% of Americans, to 94%, it would keep the Presidents pledge of no increase in the budget, in fact, it would save money in the bottom line, by tens of billions of dollars …..

In addition, the White House has invited House Republican’s in to confer on the bill, along with Aftghlnisan………

The Republicans, who have fought the administration every step of the way, now find themselves forced to play ball, realizing that several of it’s members are probably going to get sweetened offers for votes,  just like what happened a few months ago, when the White House got the Stimulus BIll pasted…..

I have said here several times ….The bill will be pasted with bipartisan support..

Anything else would be bad politics……

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