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Honduras…..concerned with the US …..plays the American game…it hires Lobbyist’s……

Since the Honduran government kicked out its last President Manuel Zelaya ( who counts Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as a close friend ) for trying to give a referendum on his staying in office, against the wishes of the county’s courts and military. The United States, and especially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been pissed at the country…Clinton even went so far as to stop the American foreign aid money to the country…….

The Hondurans…who are trusted allies in the American fight against drugs, have worked quietly to put together a group to lobby the administration to calm down and see things their way……They have enlisted several old timers (from GOP and  Bush admin) including Otto Reich, Roger Noreiga and Daniel Fisk to lobby congress (at a cost of over $400,000)….they have got the attention they sought because, when they organized a meeting in the senate after the ouster, eight senators showed up, an unusual occurrence. Old timers senators, especially Republicans, still look at South America as a danger spot , and are willing to stand behind Honduras, because of its strategic value, and its history of its pro american stance, regardless of an ex-president that keeps friends that have called for the US to get out their region.

The administration has gotten a push back on it stance from Congress which has refused to approve several State Department appointees for the region …..

And Mr Zelaya now, remains….A man without a country…….

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  1. “And Mr Zelaya now, remains….A man without a country…….”

    Not if the U.S. every other country on the planet has anything to do with it! Its disgusting how the U.S. is actively attempting to destroy an established democracy.

    Comment by tellias | October 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. I agree…..I never understood why we would be backing Zelaya…the guy was essentailly thumbing his nose at all of the coutries institutions by going ahead with the vote…..and wasn’t going to stop…..the whole thing is strange…and bit backwards……

    Comment by jamesb101 | October 9, 2009 | Reply

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