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The Gosselins……all over TV…..and not happy…….

I just got finished having dinner, and watching the media circus following the Gosselin’s on TV….Jon buying a birthday cake for his two oldest daughters…Listening to him complain because Kate decided to have two separate cakes, and celebrations, because they wouldn’t have to be together in the same room…..

I posted earlier the Nancy Grace put down  Jon on TV.  To be fair…the guy looks like he’s lost….the camera’s …the looks by people on the street in New York City…..life isn’t easy for him these days……

Kate doesn’t seem much better…sure she did a skit for Jay Leno at the supermarket about the paparazzi…but during the early morning kids drop off for school, she was without her ‘face’ and did not look like a woman having a fun time in her life……

I’ve given this advice before…

…Guys….. get rid of everybody, and have a long, long talk……figure out what’s good for your kids, and figure out how to deal each other, cause those kids are gonna need BOTH of you around for the rest of their lives………

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