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The Washington Post changes sides…..show cases the fact that McChrystal has backing from the troops……

The Washington Post has for the past week been a vessel carrying administration handlers leaks and whispers crossing Afghanistan Commanding Officer, General Stanley McChrystal’s campaign to get more troops for his theatre of action…they have published articles and opinions to the effect that the general should be a good solider and send in his request, and then go sit in the corner and wait until he’s called…..

That hasn’t worked this time…. ever mindful of the fact that Gen. Eric Shinseki told his bosses what to do up front, and got dissed, and then caned for it…McChrystal has not backed way from expressing his views on what he needs to do the job……he has not challenged the CIC in anyway…he has just given……what his boss asked for…..a plan…

I had to chuckle that the Washington Post would carry this story, about the supprt the general was shown at a convention in Washington DC this week,  given the fact that they have been giving McChrystal nothing but grief  for the past week……

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