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FOX News as an arm of the Republican Party?

Anita Dunne, The White House Communication Director pushes back at FOX News and its ideological slant……..She talks to CNN’s Howie Kurtz…and she’s adamant that the White House looks at Fox News Channel as an adversary (and attached to the GOP) ……She  goes right back at Kurtz on the air…giving issues, situations and times that FOX has (in her mind)  not been truthful in reports on the President, his policies, and his administration…….

When pressed, Dunne advises that the president has, and will continue to appear on the channel…but the President, and Dunne are careful in who they will deal with over at FOX… and always considers that an appearance there is tantamount to sleeping with the enemy….

Dunne does speak highly of several people at the channel  including Major Garret, the FOX Congressional reporter, and separates individuals from the channel, in general……

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