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Any war planning for Afghanistan is going to have to include Pakistan, also….I know the White House knows, and is acting on this….But most Americans probably have no concept of this…..

I see the United States as successful in Iraq because of the surge, and the fact that the Iraqi’s themselves, are at least trying to get their act together…..I see the major problem for President Obama in Afghanistan as the fact there is hardly any infrastructure, and army…I see the problem in Pakistan as the bad guys trying to do the same thing they tried in Iraq…….terrorizing the population…..

With the US pushing the bad guys east into Afghanistan, and further into Pakistan (some where already there moving back and forth between Afghanistan and Pakistan), things are already getting hot in Pakistan……yesterdays brazen attack on the military headquarters, was for psychological effect…..And the hostages have been quickly rescued…and this was a warning to that countries peoples, that siding with the US, and it Allies, will bring trouble down on them….

With all this mind, do not forget that Pakistan has nukes……they are under the control of the army….But they remain there nevertheless…..

President Obama …the CIC, must take all of this into account………but we’re not finished

There is India to consider……

Once the bad guys get a hard time in Pakistan..they they will be running to the border of India….another country with nukes, and Pakistan’s arch problem elder…..The two countries have had a checkered history , and have been flexing at each other for long while…..all this the United States must  consider when dealing with the problems, and solutions presented by Gen. Stanley McChrystal for the area……

No wonder it’s taking such a long time……

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