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More troops are going to Aftghanistan already…….

It seems that the President in ordering 21,000 combat troops for Afghanistan this spring, set in motion the movement of another 13,000+ support troops into the country…..

Whenever the United States military, be it Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines move into an area…they bring along support troops……whether it’s cooks, quartermasters, drivers,  mechanics, or weathermen they go wherever the combat troops go …..but as Iraq has shown, while they are stationed in the rear, out of the action zone…sometimes the non-action zone, doesn’t exist……support troops for all of the services, not just the Marines are being given more basic training, to defend themselves, since the incidents in the beginning of the Iraq war showed that, any soldier (male or Female) may find themselves in a firefight, anywhere in-country…..

The tallying of these extra troops was not announced, but the President,  as the Commander in Chief , was aware of the whole number, before signing off on the request……indeed, General McChrystal’s new request for troops will likely include more support troops also…….which brings up the time table of deploying McChrystal’s new increase of troops, which is straning the Army and Marines to uncomfortable levels……

There are a lot of combat and support soldiers moving into the Afghan campaign …and there will be more……..

From Iraq to Afghanistan…..the war continues moving…….

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