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Jon and Kate Plus 8 will end in November……and a update on the Gosselin's….

TLC has enough footage in the can to go for another month…but with the couple going their own separate ways, and Jon taking the kids out of the spot light, it’s gotta be close to the end there…..Meanwhile the two continue with their now bitter divorce…….

October 15, 2009 - Posted by | Entertainment | , ,


  1. I am so glad this show is being taken off the air. Please don’t even think about Kate Plus 8. I am sick of seeing Kate trying to make something out of herself besides a mother. Kate has let the show take over her life and she always thought the show would turn her into a star. I don’t believe Jon wanted any part of the show to begin with. He truly cares about his children and just wasn’t man enough to put Kate in her place from the beginning. He deserves to try to make his children happy by spending time with them without all of the cameras snapping all around them. Kate on the other hand loves the camera, too much. I knew from the beginning of the show the marriage would end. If it is anyone’s fault, it was Kate’s. I believe Kate is in this for herself and not thinking of her children. How can Kate call herself a good mother when she is having a nanny raise them while she is gone all the time? The children should not be put in this mess. I come from a broken home and know what they are going through but they have it worse because the world knows about everything going on in their life. The children will end up hating both parents especially thir mother for putting this on them. How can they face friends at school? I am sure they get kidded about all of this. Children can be cruel. The older girls are already showing signs of anger. Who wants to watch this? Not me and not anyone else I have spoken to about this matter. Jon live your new life, lets say good-bye to Kate, lets make it better for their children of eight.

    Comment by Kathy | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Kathy I agree that it has been sad to watch this marriage come apart on TV…. I too watched the two of them interact and found something not right…..Kate slowly taking over the dominate role….but I also blame Jon..who seems to have problems asserting himself…….I have pointed out that Kate does spend an awful lot of time away from the home and her family……and what man likes to see his wife get better looking while spend more and more time away, and with the same bodyguard?….with a together mother and father these kids couldn’t give a hoot about the camera’s…but that’s not the case here is it?

    Jon has gone out on his own and I hope he’s happy after sowing his wild oats……Kate will get a show …for show…but you’re right Kate …what about the kids?…Are they going to resent this whole life they’ve grow into?

    The parents are so into themselves……..the kids seem to be incidental….what a shame……

    Comment by jamesb101 | October 17, 2009 | Reply

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