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Balloon caper is a hoax?…..the extreme’s of reality TV…….

It seems that Richard Heene may have planned this caper all along, according to Larimer County sheriff  Jim Alderden……..The department has started an investigation and it appears that ‘Falcon’s” father  had been working on the whole thing for several weeks, so that he could  get a possible reality show for him and the family……if proven true,  I really think that the whole thing was terrible…….

It also gets us to the question…..How far will people go to get themselves on TV?

The terrible thing is subjecting law enforcement and emergency works to a totally false scenario…including the scrambling of military assets and the chase across the state by news helicopters. Which could have caused a serious problem if an accident, or injury occurred in trying to secure the safety of a child, that wasn’t even in danger…..

Things started off good for the couple…but once Wolf Blizer sensed a problem with the child’s answer to a question …things went south……unfortunately people will stage anything to get their ten minutes of fame, and that may turn out someday to be tragic……..

A whole lot of people got used here…….

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