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Obama and Healthcare promises………

Jerome Armstrong over at mydd.com posts a list of promises that President Obama made out on the campaign trail and has not apparently kept…..and I’m not really surprised….at the end of August of this year I did a post in which I pointed out that Obama really wanted a Healthcare Bill period……Obama has had experience as an Illinois legislator and a US Senator…..he knows the game….there was no way in hell that he would stake his bill on concrete promises he made during the campaign….he knew when he made those statements that he would not have too much control on what would come from the congress as a bill for him sign………

So…..I really don’t see what the crying is about from p[progressives and the left of the democratic party…..Barack Obama is the president…presidents are politicians…and politicians practice politics which is the art of compromise…..And the final bill will be a compromise between literally thousands of people and political, business and people interests…..

As much as I wanted a bill to make sure that every person in America can get quality healthcare, I am a realist…it is just not gonna happen that way…..

This is the American way…..and this what we have to work with……

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