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Democrats and President Obama fighting among themselves for final version of the Healthcare Bill?

Jerome Armstrong over mydd.com blogs about the bargaining between the White House and Senate Democrats on the ‘public option’ in the upcoming Healthcare Bill…..Armstrong (who wants the ‘option’ period) posts that Obama has decided that he want’s a trigger for the ‘option’ to come in effect as a preference over an out and out option for the bill……something Armstrong feels is being pushed by the insurance industry…..

Back in July I posted a piece in which I pointed out that a major part of this thing has been democratic political in fighting among different groups for votes and status going into the 2010 elections…..

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Breaking News!…….Ludacris is NOT running for President in 2012…..maybe

Here is the talented rapper Ludacris ( Christopher Brian Bridges ) announcing that he will NOT be running for President (or will he?) at the National Press Club…..He goes on to make a speech…haltingly, not rapping…….The actor and rapper asks more people to follow his lead in the philanthropic field, and give back….the guy is alright……..

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