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Iraq slips backwards to right after the American first so called 'win'……

Iraq is right back where it was after Bush\’s so called first \”win\’ there.…In that case remember……the Saddam Hussein people having suffer a loss to America in a straight out military action turned to tried, and true action employed be others (notably in by the Palestain’s in Israel) …of bombings…….

Well in the last week, we\’ve gone back there……the country is busy trying to get ready for election  and the United States wants to make sure everyone knows that they are pulling out ‘combat troops’……

For two reasons Obama is happy to go that way…..Because he’s gonna send more troops next door to Afghanistan…and because he can have a big campaign promise for filled in 2012, when he runs again……but things are never that easy…are they?

We all know that the US is never gonna get rid of all the troops in Iraq…as a matter of fact Nouri al-Maliki, the countries Prime Minister has announced a few weeks ago that the Iraqi’s are not gonna hold the US to it’s withdrawal date of 2011….( Obama still said a few day’s ago we’ll have the combat troops out on time, don’t bet on it)……..

With this campaign, as we see, we are back to the juggling by the different factions in the country for power…. While enjoying the last year as a mostly stable place, Iraq, as other countries in the Middle East, has more of the ‘iron fist’ method of working its politics, than the relative peaceful bickering in the Europe, Asia and the America’s…….

Stay tuned……

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