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Cory Booker for 'Money Mike' Bloomberg?……Why?

Cory A. Booker, the Mayor of Newark New Jersey…the one with the ‘D’ for Democrat behind his name, spend Sunday in Queens, New York campaigning with Michael Bloomberg, who has at various times had a ‘D’ , ‘R’ and now a ‘I’ behind his name, but is on the GOP line, and the Independent line, in the upcoming vote for the Mayor of the City of New York……………

Now when I saw this…… I wondered……Why is a democrat from Jersey coming over to Queens, New York to campaign for the NY City Mayor?……Why?

Could one of the reasons be the fact that Mr. Booker has received $26,000 in ¬†campaign donations from the right hand accountant of Bloomberg, Martin J. Geller… the contribution has to be perfectly legal……but ?????

Now, to be fair, Geller is allowed to give money to whoever he wants to…in New York, New Jersey or China for that matter…but after receiving the money in April of this year…..Booker shows up in a majority black area with the Mayor, give us a break…even the little kids around the way can figure this one out…….

All that money…….all that money…maybe that’s why Anthony Weiner didn’t run…..not because he got engaged to you know who………

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