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Manuel Zelaya to return to power in Honduras…..I don't agree…but I get it, now…

Today Charles Lemos  over at mydd.com highlights the upcoming agreement in Honduras to return the deposed former President Manuel Zelaya back to the Presidency for three months……I said at the time that I didn’t understand why the United States and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in particular where backing this guy (one of Chavez’s favorite people) when he was kicked out for disobeying his countries legislator’s and courts orders in holding a referendum of extending his term ……..

But Lemos spelled it out for me with this……….

The accords must still be approved by the Honduran Congress. Clearly the biggest winners are the Honduran people who had been held hostage by the crisis and who will have their verdict come November 29th respected by the Inter-American community.  It is also clearly a win for the President and his diplomatic team. It should not be lost that Latin American governments and the Latin American press across the board are touting the agreement as an Obama diplomatic success and it is generating a tremendous amount of goodwill towards the United States across the region.

Ah, politics……….

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