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Kate Gosselin TLC Special……comments….

My wife and I watched a good part of the Kate Gosselin Special on TLC tonight…..while one reviewer commented that it was about other things we found it to be centered on her, Jon and the Kids……Natalie Morales …came across to me as stiff, wooden and emotionless…and she seemed to handle this as a ‘hard’ interview……My wife also thought some of her questions where stupid and didn’t merit answers….and the girl could use a few good meals, she’s so skinny……..

While I’m not a big fan of the way Kate interacted with Jon…I found myself sometimes agreeing with her reasons on why she was doing several things…..namely…working, her need of a bodyguard (whom she defended, along with his family), my advice would have been to switch guys around,  and the fact the kids miss their extended family that filmed them, and having to live thru  Jon’s sexual reawakening……

My wife was not so forgiving…when Kate had to take time after her eyes wetted up when Morales asked her about husband….my wife didn’t buy it…..I’ve said this in previous posts… also my wife tends to not believe too much of what Kate says……

But this is the beginning  because…..Kate Gosselin is gonna to continue to do TV work (hence the plug for TV crew?)…she said so tonight……

And in the end my wife thought the whole thing was boring…..She only watched it because, I did so, to write this review…..

Thanks Honey……..


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