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Marine One Update……Obama pushes the House to not keep funds for his new 'helo'

House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Chair John Murtha (D-PA) is fighting a rear guard action to try to save the already approved  but cancelled AgustaWestland VH-71 helicopter for the Presidential helo fleet….…While Sec of Defense Gates has cancelled the existing program….…A new helicopter program will certainly cost more money a keep the president in the up to 30 year old chopper’s he currently flys……and they already have 9 new chopper’s …but they don’t want them?

The whole thing seems like it has moved from a rational look at an approved system to a ‘I’m the President and I know what’s best thing’……too bad……Cause I think it’s just a buy american thing…even if the product is inferior ( I’ll bet a new bid will go to Sikorsky even if the darn chopper can’t fly and costs fifteen times more)…..

I wonder how the Europeans feel when the American companies come hawking their products and we tell them don’t bother  with theirs?

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