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Impressions while watching Real Housewives of Atlanta's Reunion part#2….

I watched bit and pieces of the ladies of Atlanta last night and jotted down some impressions……First of all …was it me…or didn’t Kim seem hostile to EVERYBODY on the set?……She was defensive, emotional and withdrawn….…

My favorite without a doubt if Kandi…with her beautiful smile..she seems always to be open……She nursemaided Kim thru her performance on the stage of her dance hit “Don’t be tardy for the party”…ah, Kim really can’t move…Kandi sure can….

I didn’t know that NeNe was offered the song first and turned it down….ah, Ne Ne…on the stripper pole……and it turns out Kim was a waitress in a strip club!…(why am I not surprised)…good one Kim when she said she’d do what she has to make sure her kids have things…

…The rerun of Kim crying like a baby before doing the song that’s making her money and fame….

Finally, while the other women sat patiently …the show seems to revolve around Kandi, Kim and Ne Ne….…

He, he, he…I did stick around to watch the first part of the Housewives of Orange County…image jumping out of a perfectly good airplane?

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