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"By the People: The Election of Barack Obama"……the HBO Special….

I just watched the HBO special “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama”……it’s two hours of boring, but interesting cinema video…while the story is so well known..it is interesting to see the people, their faces, their ups mostly here and knowing their downs….for me….it was good to see the man as he really was ( I was for Clinton during the primaries)…the stuttering, the ‘cool’, the thought process and the warmth that he brought to the people he touched along the way….

But the more profound thing is to watch the ‘hope’ for an idea that he brought out in people…a feeling…a rising up from everyday people who are final arbitrators of the grand election process…..

Watching Axelrod walk around when the process started…traveling around the country…..taking doubts and moving forward…..with the informality of it all….to the night they won, walking up the stairs to congratulate his next president ,and  getting greeted by security guards who asked about the “next time’ to the Secret Service agents that smiled and offered their congratulations……

It was good to see…because in the end Obama’s troops where better, they wanted it more, they where more in touch with ‘that’ feeling that came to be rallying cry for change……..

And  he was able to connect with the people in a way Hillary was only able to do after the contests in Ohio and Texas, when it was too late……

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