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Hillary Clinton reveals she had a crush…..

Of course, all of this was before William Jefferson Clinton showed up……….

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Never a dull moment…DHS Secretary rolls out Immigration Overhaul sechedule…….

Janet Napolitano, the Home Land Security Secretary, advised in a speech today, that the administration will begin work on Immigration next year, as the president has indicated he would do , a month ago…..Napolitano laid out a…”three-legged stool” that includes enacting tougher enforcement laws against illegal immigrants and the people who hire them, and streamlining the system for legal immigration, but also what she called a “tough and fair pathway to earned legal status.”

With reports that illegal immigration is down and drug seizures are up…the secretary, and the administration will press ahead with a policy of provide a way for the estimated 12 million, long term illegal immigrants, here already, to become citizens of this country…..

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On AG Eric Holder and holding the trials in New York City….

As I watched the nation’s top lawyer, Attorney General Eric Holder, explain that he would be putting five detainee’s from Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba on trial in a United States Federal Court in downtown New York City around the corner from the World Trade Center  I thought of several things…First …the New York City Police Department has 35,00 cops….along with the US Marshals..there won’t be any problem with security for the trial…..the symbolism was not hard to get….I smiled…but I caught the same thing everyone else in the room caught when someone asked Holder…..”What happens if they are not found guilty?”….I thought…”uh oh?!”…..

While the most pressing political thing is the move is to take care of a campaign problem…..Holder and his boss , The President may have created a bigger problem……..

If my memory serves me well….nNota lot of bad guys tried for terrorism by the FBI have been found guilty of the original charges…as a matter of fact most of them have ended up pleading down to lessor charges…a few even have had the government end up paying them money after they sued and only got them to promise not to come to the United States…..

My mind started to race…..Holder, after assuring everyone that he was sure that these people were guilty, began to slowly realize that he was a member of every court in the United States as AG, he then began to back away from the impression that he  was 1) Shopping for favorable judges, and 2) He was prejudging the verdict of the case in such a way that could prejudice any trail in America….

Now the Republicans aren’t stupid…and they have gone on overdrive to ask the question that reporter never got answered at the presser……’What happens if they are not found guilty?”

Sure the government could recharge them with other crimes…but the government loses cases….government lawyers sometimes get yanked off cases by judges…..and juries are the  arbitrators of  court cases….and you know we could have a situation where Holder is standing in front of a judge getting admonished that the defenders in a trial could have been found not guilty  by a jury and the judge expected them to go free……I can’t see that happening…but it could……

Note: After the move there will be about 215 more detainees at the Guantanamo Bay facility……

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Some more info on the warning about more troops from The US Ambassador to Kabul ……..

Seems everyone over at the White House and the Pentagon got their noses out of joint when they read  Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s warning to President Obama about not sending troops in the Washington Post…..it appears that Eikenberry (a retired Lt.General who commanded troops in the country) told the NSC that there should be exit strategy with any additional troops….and the Commander-in Chief has asked that the military to include one in its final recommendation to the President….all of this seems to point to a State Department counter to the influence of General McChrystal in the campaign..something unheard of in the Bush administration…Who said Hillary doesn’t have pull here?

Update: The author of the post linked has retracted the sequence of certain events in the post..he stands by the basic that Obama asked for a exit startegy..but in no way will the CIC ask for timetables….

This is the link for the Washington Post story…….

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More on Megan Fox……..

Since we did the story on Megan Fox….here’s more on her with pictures…….

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