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Again, if these people from Gitmo are going to be tried in US Courts…some are going to be found not guilty….

Josh Gerstein, over at Politico, does a very good piece on something I mentioned a few days ago, when Attorney General Holder announced that he was going to try 5 of the Gitmo detainees, in a New York City Federal Court…..

The thing is…some of these people are going to be found not guilty…already a good number of them have been order released by judges, only to have appeal court’s do the right thing politically and keep the those detainees held for a while longer…..

Most of these people have been harshly interrogated, some of the sources and methods of obtaining information about them are sensitive and some have been detained on information that simply will not be admissible in open court…..

And Attorney general Eric holder will not be able to do a darn thing about it if the  jury decides…’not guilty’…and the judge says let’m go……

Note:….David Axelrod just confirmed what everyone knows…that the government will not be able to keep President Obama’s pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), detention center by January 22, 2010…..

Note #2:…The detainees coming to American soil may be going to a correctional facility in the President’s home state of Illinois…..

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