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Iran’s dissidents have to make up their minds…….

The opposition to Iran’s rulers has reached a critical fork in the road…while some want to press ahead with trying to force the religious leaders to be seperated from the governmemnt…others are asking that the movement slow down and use a slower approach…..

While reports of the movement have quietd down in the United States…the struggle condtiues…..

Although there is no way to measure how widespread the sentiments on both sides are, Iranians involved in the movement say growing numbers of protesters are refusing to compromise with the ruling hierarchy, a system of Shiite religious and political rule ushered in by Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, which ended a 2,500-year-old monarchy.

…..many protesters have gone beyond questioning the election outcome, more than a dozen opposition supporters said in interviews.

“I don’t want to save the Islamic republic,” said Reza, a 28-year-old engineer. “I want a total change, something close to a revolution.” Other interviewees made similar comments, saying that extreme violence unleashed by the government against protesters has hardened their views about Iran’s leaders.

But the lack of leadership and clear goals, combined with the ambiguous position of the defeated candidates in the political system they now attack and the impossibility of resolving policy disputes through public debate, have made the opposition’s next moves highly unpredictable.

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