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Nike retro Air Jordan XI 11 Space Jams sneakers going for WHAT??!!….

Ah, Nike” Air Jordan XI 11 Space Jam XI ‘s at $6,000 ….say what?

Six thousand dollars!…did I stutter?

Well, Ok I think they’ll actually go for $175 to $450 a pair….that’s the new retro ones (that might go on sale on December 23th, but you didn’t hear that here)…..

And they first came out nine years ago? (when the movie “Space Jam’, with Michael Jordon staring in it came out)


Now lets get serious…… those in prestine shape, that go out the door with low production numbers might be worth the full six grand?……if you want them right away from price scalpers…



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An update on Kate Gosselin who has started Christmas shopping while Jon Gosselin is in Hawaii……

The mother of 8 goes shopping in Reading, Pennsylvania while Jon Gosselin jets off to Hawaii…..As a bonus…there is Kate around town in a pink and black workout outfit…….

Update:….The couple have agreed to talk about their divorce, and future on the last episode of the TLC series “Jon & Kate Plus 8″…the show airs on the TLC cable channel…..

Maybe these two are finally going to be able to find a middle ground for the sake of their kids, and financial futures…..

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USDA report cliams that up to 50 Million Americans had trouble feeding themselves last year…….

One of the by products of the nations economic downturn has been people\’s ability to feed themselves…flying below the radar is the fact that a lot of Americans go to sleep every night hungry…My wife went out one Sunday, last month, to help feed the hungry in New York City…When she got home she was upset and surprised….During her time at the church in downtown Manhattan …she saw people who looked like they where having problems, with ragged clothes and in unkempt physical condition..but my wife also noticed people who were not in that condtion…she noticed people who seemed to once have been middle class, or working class, neat but hungry…..she wondered was these people having trouble feeding themselves after losing their jobs and falling behind in their lives? ( the report identifies a 90,000 increase in attendance at soup kitchens)..or, was the answer that in certain cases people are working, but simply don’t have enough money left over after paying bills, and eat everyday (neat, but hungrey)…..

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Pictures from the Airshow in Dubai……

Yesterday, Sunday November 15…..the Dubai Airshow was held in the United Arab Emirates…here are some stills from the opening day…….and more info and pictures…..

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Chair of the Federal Reserve forcasts moderate growth thru 2010…..

Ben Bernanke predicted today that the United States economy would continue its slow growth, thru the middle of next year.….his statment was an attempt to help the US dollar in financial markets……but he also acknowledged that employer’s are waiting to rehire help, trying to get as much productivity out of current workers as possible……

One must always remember that although the Fed has helped in the recession…they are always more sensitive to inflation fears…and once the economy starts to really come back they will be raising interest rates which will cool off the housing market and also affect the auto industry…tes, they’ve got quite a balancing act to perform……

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Andrew Cuomo gets ready to run for New York Governor…..

A while ago, I said to everyone that would listen that Andrew Cuomo, the Attorney General of New York State, would wait for the late fall, or early fall spring to seriously begin to displace current sitting Governor Paterson…..Well, today brings a piece on the front page of the New York Times about Cuomo starting to ‘shop around’ for a ticket for his fall run. It is a given that even though Paterson is starting to run commercials, and hire staff (like Harold Ickes) to bring up his poll numbers….he’s gone

The only republican to be seriously running for governor is Rick Lazio and he will be running uphill for the next year since Cuomo has huge numbers in polling against every republican including Rudy Giuliani…..

Like the last person to be Attorney General (Eliot Spitzer), the job seems to be a spring-board to the governors mansion…..while the democratic front-runner, Cuomo must be careful with the states minority voters and politicians …….He has gone out of his way to mend fences because they haven’t forgotten Cuomo’s stepping all over Carl McCall’s feet in his bid to become governor years ago….

The names floated in the piece for Lieutenant Governor are Bill Thompson, the black outgoing NYC Controller who barely lost to Bloomberg for Mayor…..The upcoming District Attorney from Nassau County, who just got re-elected to her second term, Kathleen Rice….and Janet DiFiore, the District Attorney of Westchester County….

Stay tuned folks…this one will be interesting……

Update:….Lazio today attacked Cuomo for undermining Paterson…..(why is he getting in democratic business?)

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