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USDA report cliams that up to 50 Million Americans had trouble feeding themselves last year…….

One of the by products of the nations economic downturn has been people\’s ability to feed themselves…flying below the radar is the fact that a lot of Americans go to sleep every night hungry…My wife went out one Sunday, last month, to help feed the hungry in New York City…When she got home she was upset and surprised….During her time at the church in downtown Manhattan …she saw people who looked like they where having problems, with ragged clothes and in unkempt physical condition..but my wife also noticed people who were not in that condtion…she noticed people who seemed to once have been middle class, or working class, neat but hungry…..she wondered was these people having trouble feeding themselves after losing their jobs and falling behind in their lives? ( the report identifies a 90,000 increase in attendance at soup kitchens)..or, was the answer that in certain cases people are working, but simply don’t have enough money left over after paying bills, and eat everyday (neat, but hungrey)…..

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  1. Yep

    The economic recession is not over

    Of course if your a Democrat elitist you probably think the economy is chugging along fine

    Comment by Timothy Peter Leal | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. actually I have made a point to say that the recession IS over…but that because of the employment lag most of us don’t feel it…..second…I have also said that the economy is creeping back…..

    …..and people are hungry out there..and that along with not being able to get healthcare is shameful for this country to have…….

    Comment by jamesb101 | November 17, 2009 | Reply

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