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The Democrats go back to Senators Snowe and Collins…..again…

With the Healthcare Bill now coming up on the floor in the next few weeks….We go back to the same ole’ script….Keep the Democrats in the senate, in line…but get Maine’s moderate Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins on board if you can, for insurance…and bipartisan cover…..

We have seen this act in the Stimulus bill and other situations…and the process the democrats hand both senator enormous power of the final outcome of this bill as in other cases….

Both Collins and Snowe did not vote to bring the Healthcare Bill to the Senate floor, but that is because their votes were not needed (they knew the democrats had the votes)…..

But now when the things get serious…it is ‘let’s make a deal time’…and there will be deals..no doubt

Because in the end the Democrats will benefit greatly if they can say the bill  has bipartisan backing…they care probably do it alone….

But that would be a hollow victory with risks for the party, and the president if the bill ‘s policies turn out to not work….


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