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More on the Harold Ford vs Kirsten Gillibrand thing….

Glen Thrush of Politico has picked up the story on the Harold Ford vs Kirsten Gillibrand poll sampling….And that’s all it is now folks….

But Thrush and several of the people who comment on the story on his post correctly point out the Ford ran in Tennessee as a conservative democrat(well, he was running as a black democrat in the South)…and that may not go too well in New York…..

But I will also point out that New York State has had a republican Governor for 12 years until Spitzer, and Paterson showed up….aAlsoNew York City has had a republican Mayor for the last 20 years…….

Stay tuned for more…….

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  1. We don’t know if Ford Jr., is even interested in seeking the NY Senate seat, do you guys have a filing deadline for candidates seeking statewide office ?

    Folks in TN rejected him back in 2006 and if these reports are true, I might NOT back him because of his carpetbagging.

    His wife working in NYC is one thing, but come on, she and Jr., could have stayed in Tennessee so that he can build name ID for another statewide run, I guess TN is stuck with 2 GOP US Senators for a long time.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | December 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Listen he’s a politician on hiatus…if he gets good polls numbers and backing..he’ll send up a trial balloon right quick…he’d have to raise a lot of money…but again he gets the black right off the bat….again, this is just conjecture….

      and what do you mean you’d reject him for carpet bagging?????

      listen CD…if the guy can do the job in New York…more props to him…Hillary Clinton like hundreds of thousands of people from all over the planet come and make it big in New York City and New York State……Hillary Clinton was very popular in this state and worked hard to bring home the bacon……

      Don’t play yourself CD…if he can come here and do a good job…he’s welcomed….Gillibrand still does lousily in New York State polls…..

      Comment by jamesb101 | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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