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The White House gate crasher incident is turning into a 'who done it'?……and things are not good at the WH Social Office…..

It seems that there is whole lot more to the original story of a Secret Service person letting the couple in….

Lets go over some things……

Michaele is trying to get on the Real Housewives of D.C…..A Bravo Channel reality show….Which is why she and her husband had a TV crew follow them to …but not into the White House…..(great audition tape ,huh?)

The White House Social Office usually assigns someone to the gate to assist the Secret Service on the list, they produce……this time wasn’t anyone there…..( and I don’t give any credence to Gibb’s statement about the Service could have called for guidance, not with a long line, and pressure to get the people in on time)

It turns out that the couple tried desperately (remember the camera crew?) to get an invite from a Pentagon staffer, who might have indicated that they could the trick, but went cold on them in the end…..

The couple were denied access at a vehicle entrance , but then got out and walked to a second entrance, where they gained access…..

The couple was screened, and went thru a magnetometer…..Which is at first reassuring…..But  due their proximity ….would not prevent them from causing harm to the President, Vice-President, Indian Prime Minister or any of the guests, WH staff or security staff…..

……and then there is this!

Cathy Hargraves, a George W. Bush administration holdover whose job it was to coordinate guest lists at state dinners, told Newsweek that she quit her post after Obama’s staff made it clear the social office would no longer man the White House gates during formal events.

“The social office is most intimately familiar with the guest list,” McBride said.

“The reason why we had [Hargraves] posted there was that sometimes people are arriving late, and she could be in constant communication to the social secretary or the deputy social secretary,” McBride noted.

Ah, did you just read that?

Did the White Press Secretary deliberately omit that fact?….While throwing the Secret Service under the bus?

Oh yea…..

The White House announced late Tuesday that gate staffing policy would change. The social office will go back to making sure that one of its staff members is at the gates to help the Secret Service, the first lady’s communication director, Camille Johnston, told The Associated Press.
And there is more!….

The couple initially got into a Congressional Black Caucus dinner on September 26 ,where Obama spoke….With At this one they again appeared ….with a camera crew and no invitation…….There, the couple were challenged by CBC staff , and told to leave the event…..and the Bravo crew had the nerve ask to shoot the event  (I wonder why?)  and were denied….

Note:…..I join author Ronald Kessler who did the recent book , “In the President’s Secret Service”…..in suggesting the Service be returned  to it original home in the Treasury Department, the agency is simply too small to stand on its own, and that congress work hard to give the agency the budget deserves and that there be  a top management change and a doubling in man and woman power to assist the agency in being able to do all the duties it is responsible to do……

No less is hurting the men and women who serve…and this country and it’s leaders…..

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