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It's their show in Iraq…..even if it's slow and messy…….

This piece in the New York Times is the best bit of news I have read in along, long time……

While John Leland, the reporter for the piece is writing that the America soldier’s are complaining (they ARE, soldiers…and soldiers ARE warriors)….The point is….

Like child learning to walk….The Iraqi’s are learning to do things themselves……..

The piece is an example of the success of the United States in that country…..and things are not gonna be the way we do them…but that’s okay…..It is their way of life…and their country, remember guys?


Now the United States can begin to withdraw troops (can you image?…. The troopers are bored!…No combat!)…..

Note: Anyone who thinks that there isn’t gonna be at least 20,000 to 30,000 troops, ah, advisers left is on drugs……

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