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The Washington and Media power games begin on the ‘surge’ decision…….

I did a long post yesterday on the process pieces that came out in all the major media outlets on late Saturday…there must have been an off the record briefing …because right after all these people posted their stories……now the garbage part is playing out…..

Anyone who is tuned into this stuff (I am, because I write this blog) immediately picks up on the trail laid in this morning…..that is the President Obama ….the Commander-in-Chief gave General Stanley McCrystal essentially what he asked for in the summer for as his tolls to do the job in Afghanistan……


The General has been doing what he does for decades…he IS the expert.….

As I write in my post…all the heavies told him not to ask for troops….he did

The heavies….. Once  they knew he wasn’t going to back off backed up and let him walk the tight rope by himself…..

Obama sent for the General when he was in England during the summer and had a face to face sit down aboard Air Force One…..the heavies where not there

McCrystal is a warrior…not a big time politician…although, by getting to be general you do have top play politics….

In the end…Obama really had no choice….McChrystal was just showing his boss the right path once President Obama decided wasn’t going to be the guy to lose Afghanistan without a fight…

Really people….everyday bosses all over the plant get great idea’s from the people working below them……

And the President is the Commander-in-Chief.….Only he can sign off on the moves…..

For Obama to have somehow pulled this strategy out from under a rock is preposterous……

Give both of theses men credit for not letting their ego’s get the way of solving a problem….there are too many lives involved to do it any other way……

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