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Bank of America fired Jackie Ramos for 'doing the the right thing'…..trying to help people in debt….

The ex-Bank of America ‘customer advocate’ got tired of saying no to the people she was supposed to help when they fell behind on their payments….Ms. Ramos, who lives in Fairburn, Ga…started to deal with trouble she had from doing her job by ……” I stopped denying people,” said Ramos. “I helped people get on programs that they didn’t necessarily qualify for but who definitely needed the help.”

Now Ramos admits she didn’t follow all the companies rules…and she so far isn’t mad at them (she’s mad at the credit card system)…but she did do a YouTube video and uploaded it on November 27th, two days after she lost her job……

This young lady after hearing people drowning in debt everyday tried to help….And yes she didn’t follow the company’s line…and yes they let her go…..But we can all understand why she did what she did…..

I hope someone hires her to help people somewhere…..

Bank of America didn’t……..

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