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Ok, I wasn't going to do anymore Tiger Woods stories…but I have to do todays……it seem's his wife isn't leaving…..

The Story today in the New York Daily News is that Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods wife, is not leaving him……

Yea, you heard it right, NOT LEAVING HIM…..

I said a week ago when I promised not to post on the story that this whole thing isn’t really anybodies business but those two…..

If these two adults have sat down and worked out,ah, started to work out the kinks in their relationship then I applaud them….Too many people these days just walk away from the rough spots in their marriages….I know I’ve been married a long time…it great, but not easy…..

The good thing is that Nordegren, Mrs. Woods, has indicated that she knew about his running around from the jump…which is crazy, but at least she’s not completely dumb….another high octane marriage comes to mind ….Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton….if your read their history ….you know that when Hillary first started going out with him she was warned….he’s got the ‘thing’…women love him…..she understood…it was the reason she went out with him….and the reason she fell in love with him,  and the reason she  married him…and she will be standing beside him ( after all the s*#t  he dragged her thru ) when their daughter gets married next year…..

Norgreen comes from a broken home….and it probably weighs heavy on her heart to create one for her two young children, even though her husband  started his running around from the beginning of their relationship…..(and his mother and her mother apparently live part-time with the couple)

The brother need to deal with the’ why’  in him….Because this is not about sex….

If the reports are true then, her forgiveness should not given lightly….He should be willing to devote himself to his family…. Numerous fly by night affairs…..And it will be hard for him…..

And listen Tiger…have a news conference ( my wife says, forget Oprah) have your news conference WITH your wife….

Let her vent…keep your head down and apologize to her, your family, and in general for screwing up a good thing……

Then get on with life and go out and play the best Golf you ever have played, and feel good about yourself……

And Mrs. Woods….I think you need to do more traveling with husband….

Old Ronald Reagan saying…..‘Trust…but verify”…..

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