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The House authorizes $100 million on the Lockheed/Augusta VH-71A Marine One Helo!…..

In the just passed House appropriations bill for the Defense Department…. they left $125 million in for the Marine One program…..

But dig this!????

$100 million is for the Lockheed Martin/AugutaWestland company to restart work on finishing up bringing the nine VH-71A is the government (Navy/Marines) owns to specifications required…and $25 million to shut the program down????

He, he, he…if Gates is so insistent on rebidding the Presidents helicopter then go ahead…with the money the House added…Lockheed can re-bid the VH-71A in the competition and win since their chopper won’t cost the government a cent (and will be cheaper than any thing it’s only competitor Sikorsky would offer)…..and they can be delivered yesterday……

……all they would need to do is to built nine more and the contract would be done…..Isn’t that better than waiting for another ten years and 10 billion for Sikorsky to make something ?

Note:….This is a small win for New York State  (Owego) jobs and its upstate House member Maurice Hinchey (D-NY)….

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