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I'll bet some Democrats miss George Bush as the President, huh?

A year ago it was so easy for Democrats….just blame George Bush and those Republicans…..ah, how we can miss the past…..

It was so easy then to get everyone focused………

E.J. Dionne Jr. points out in todays Washington Post how the Democrats, having expended all of their energy to get the presidency now find themselves out of breath and fighting to hold things together……I remember the euphoria after the election!…’Change’…’the Democrats are going to rule!……the Repubicans are dead for the next century!

That didn’t happen did it?…..I hate to say it…But…I told you so!

Things never work out that way in the real world…..at least not in the United States Senate….

We have been watching a kabuki dance for the past week where…….

They are at one another’s throats over health-care legislation that should be seen as one of the party’s greatest triumphs. They are being held hostage by political narcissists and narrow slivers of their coalition.

When Democrats make deals, they are accused of selling out. When they fail to make deals, they are accused of not reaching out. Moderates complain that their party has gone too far left. Progressives chortle bitterly at this, asking: What’s left-wing about policies that shore up banks and protect drug companies?

Rural-state centrists insist on more fiscal discipline — as long as it doesn’t affect farmers and small-town hospitals. Progressives ask why debt should be the priority when so much more needs to be done to relieve unemployment.

This is a recipe for political catastrophe. An increasingly bitter and negative Republican Party may not be able to win the midterm elections, but Democrats definitely can lose them.

Several things could stop the dance in its tracks….Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid need s the President’s help…..he probabaly won’t get it…..Obama who I like and support simply does not want be around enough to provide the help…..Reid then needs to to nail down the vote and stop the last minute horse tarding and political blackmail…..Obama needs to stay home for five minutes and help his team work on unemployment which is ever present on the public and media’s mind…..

Dionne closes his piece with a great line…..

Democrats have every right to blame Bush for the fix we’re in. They can’t blame him for the problems they’re creating for themselves.

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