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The White House Gatecrasher story….with facts filled in….a month later….it’s who you know…not what you do……

I was going to write a lot about this excellent review piece in the Washington Post, by Jason Horowitz, Spencer Hsu and Roxanne Roberts….but I’m not…it isn’t necessary once you read the piece……

It all boils down to this…..The Salahi’s are opportunists…plain and simple…they took advantage of several faults in the system to try to get themselves a spot on a reality show….

The White House is run by human beings that are in awe of the power atmosphere they  live in…..

The grunts go to work everyday and endure the infighting, back biting and pressure that comes with working with ‘masters of the universe’…

And in the end…..

The Salahai’s are going to probably skate because of all the above…….

And who ones friends are…..

Note: The Secret Service in-spite of all the hype….has serious problems within itself……

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