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The New York Times ten best selling political junkies books……

Here they are…..

1. Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin
2. Stones Into Schools, by Greg Mortenson
3. Arguing With Idiots, by Glenn Beck
4. True Compass, by Edward M. Kennedy
5. Half The Sky, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
6. The Imperial Cruise, by James Bradley
7. Too Big To Fail, by Andrew Ross Sorkin
8. Where Men Win Glory, by Jon Krakauer
9. Liberty And Tyranny, by Mark R. Levin
10. Our Front Pages, by Onion Staff

Here’s the link with a little more info for eqach title……

Note:….I’ve actually read only one of the books on the list……

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He, he, he……Powerful, Rich White Guys!…do we feal sorry for them?

The comments below are not mine….I don’t feel sorry for the people listed below……

This satire is from mydd.com…it was posted seven month’s ago…….

Stop Discrimination against Powerful, Rich White Guys

by bored now, Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 10:04:32 AM EST

Barack Obama, black. Sonia Sotomayor, hispanic. Neither one of them card-carrying members of the status quo, the Trilateral Commission, or any other famous conspiracy group designed to perpetuate the power of the eastern establishment (made up of powerful, rich white guys).

Clearly, we live in a racist society. How dare we — HOW DARE WE! — abandon the powerful, rich white guys who have the experience and influence to know better. It’s no wonder the economy has derailed and our influence in the world rapidly dropped since the inauguration of a non-white, non-powerful, not-nearly-as-rich man. A man who’s nominated a racist to the Supreme Court.

This cannot stand. Powerful, rich white guys have long fed off the federal trough — and their addiction to federal monies may be threatened by this preference for non-white, non-powerful, not-rich Americans. It is simply unacceptable to allow others to partake of the federal government. What was America thinking?

We had a powerful, rich white guy to choose from. How could America reject him? That’s so unfair. America must be racist, too. Ignoring the superior qualities of being powerful, rich, white and male can only be derived from America’s inherent racism.

President Obama would not have had this problem if he had nominated a powerful, rich white guy to the Court. Like George Bush did. And, undoubtedly, John McCain would have done. Nope.

The natural superiority of powerful, rich white guys is obvious. It’s probably written in the Bible somewhere. If it’s not, it should be. What the Obama Administration has done cannot be tolerated. Secretary of State? A woman. Attorney General? A black. Sure, the Secretary of Treasury is a powerful, rich white guy and so is the Secretary of Defense — but he’s a RINO. But to nominate a non-white, non-powerful, not-rich WOMAN to the Supreme Court is just going too far. There are simply not enough powerful, rich white guys on the Court right now.

Of the 110 people who have served on the court, only four were not white males. So Barack Obama must be a racist. Otherwise, he would have nominated a powerful, rich white guy. Sotomayor is obviously one. Just because. Powerful, rich white guys say so!

Discrimination against powerful, rich white guys simply cannot be tolerated. It’s patently unfair. America was built by powerful, rich white guys and don’t you forget it! They should be honored. They should be celebrated. They should be recognized for the inherent superiority they obviously share. It was clear that when we said — in the Declaration of Independence — all men are created equal, it really meant that all powerful, rich white guys are created equal. It didn’t apply to Barack Obama or Sonia Sotomayor. Or, for that matter, YOU (until you join the ranks of the powerful, rich white guys). Be real!

That’s the real difference between what Samuel Alito said (“When a case comes before me involving, let’s say, someone who is an immigrant — and we get an awful lot of immigration cases and naturalization cases, I can’t help but think of my own ancestors because it wasn’t that long ago when they were in that position.”) and what Sonia Sotomayor said (“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”) Alito is a powerful, rich white guy and she isn’t. It’s okay that he said it, because he’s a powerful, rich white guy. He’ll still rule on behalf of powerful, rich white guys. You can’t be too sure with a non-white, non-powerful, not-rich woman.

This is all about power. Powerful, rich white guys should have it, and you shouldn’t. Period. Stripping powerful, rich white guys of their power and influence over the federal government is discrimination. You better believe it.

And they will whine until you see it. And say Uncle. Until you return all power to where it belongs. To the powerful, rich white guys!

They may even start wearing all white — just so you see the point — to demonstrate how unfair this all is. They are better than you are, and they’ll attack anyone who suggests otherwise. So stop discriminating against powerful, rich white guys!

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The U.S. has a war much closer to home……..


Nuff said……

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The Year in Pictures from the New York Times……

There will probably be a lot of  ‘Year in Pictures’ stuff…..check out these from the. NY Times…here’s the link….

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Actress Sandra Bullock has had a VERY good year……

The actress has had a good year indeed…..

Bullock and husband Jesse James have won custody of James’s child with former X-rated actress Janine Lindenmulder…..

……and she is now expected to garner an Oscar nomination for acting her portrayal of  Leigh Anne Tuohy from the Michael Lewis’s 2006 best-seller The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game……

It couldn’t happen to a better actress……

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Another process piece…..McChrystal vs the Civilians in the administration….The General plans to win…. not hold in place……

In a very important piece in the Washington Post (that will no doubt generate more pieces in the Times and Cable Networks)…..Rajiv Chandrasekaran takes up the maneuvering between the military and the administration’s political planners who view Obama’s tasking orders early this month for the military as strictly a ‘surge’ then a phased withdrawal going into the 2012 elections….and the military (Sec Gates included) as a call to engage an enemy and try to ‘win’ the campaign in Afghanistan with a moderate makeover like the military has done in Iraq……

While the sell by the President ( Commmader-in Chief ) was for a “surge’…President Obama, and Secretary Gates, both, have already backed away from their initial pledge to have the troops heading home en mass in 2011……

I know from a strictly logistical point of view the U.S. military will take a much longer period to get 30,000 to 40,000 troops in country then was advertised when President Obama called for the move….

In another sense the media is going to paint this as McChrystal as not following his bosses orders…that would be a mistake…Presidents give orders…General follow them…Sergeants get it done….

The same applies here…and it’s gonna take more time then the political people the White House think….

That’s the way it goes…..

General McChrystal has been a ‘snake eater’ for a long time….

Secretary of Defense Gates has been around for long time also…….

If these two get it right…The President will be assured a second term and another Nobel Peace Prize………

And a place in American history not just by his color…….

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They are at it again in Iran…..

More demonstrations in Tehran……

Saturday’s reported clashes come just days before an end-of-year deadline set by world powers for Iran to agree a U.N.-drafted deal to ship most of its low-enriched uranium abroad in exchange for fuel for a Tehran research reactor.

Tension rose again in Iran after the death a week ago of leading dissident cleric Grand AyatollahHossein Ali Montazeri at the age of 87 in the holy Shi’ite city of Qom.

Montazeri, an architect of the 1979 Islamic revolution, was once named to succeed late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as supreme leader.

Things remain unsettled in the country…..

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Christmas came early to a Manhattan Hardhat worker who fell 8 stories and only broke a few ribs!

This is Jose Paulino’s quote……

“I was hurting and in pain, but I knew I was still alive, and right then I knew I would see my wife and kids again,”

Someone was looking over you brother…..

Because Paulino, 26,  while working on the 16th floor,  stepped on a wooden plank , and had it break on him, sending him down EIGHT STORIES, to land on scaffolding on the eighth floor…..

His fall was broken because he hit several metal support beams on his way down slowing his descent…….hHealso landed on his chest, not his head, he broke four ribs and injured his neck, shoulder and leg…..But will be able to leave  St. Vincent’s Hospital by Monday….

Merry Christmas…..indeed…….

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Christmas with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq…..Photos…..

From the LA Times……Pictures of the troops celebrating far from home……

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'Subway' will sell sandwiches in the sky as the new World Trade Center rises…….

When you think about it …….it makes sense….

The workers on the project of bring the building back have to travel up and down off the structure when they want to get a lunch break…..So why not bring the food to them?….of course this is a great marketing tool also!

Now what do they do when they have to ah, relieve themselves?

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