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You are the President of the United States 24/7 anywhere on the planet…..

The Washington Post does a process piece on the President’s vacation in Hawaii…pointing out that even while on vacation he has to manage the nation’s problems……this time is was the over reaction by the media on the NW 235 incident…which was exacerbated by the republicans getting on his DHS Secretary’s novice comments…….

Janet Napolitano made no mistakes on the caper really…she just failed to follow the cardinal rule of equivocating on a breaking story until something solid is known and she finds out the White House line…..She won’t make that mistake again…..

The reason for the story  is to put the administration’s side that the president has the situation on his radar and is doing “SOMETHING”…to feed the media voracious appetite ……

Media hype is alive a well in the new year……..especially when presidents try to get away……

Note:…..I was on his case about getting away for summit ‘hangouts’ every month earlier, but the guy and his family, certainly deserve a vacation…I wish I could afford one…..

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