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The resurrection of John Brennan continues……..And the President IS tough on terrorists…..

The old CIA hand, John Brennan……trashed for his association with the CIA torture policies during the Bush administration is being draged out.…dusted off and put back in good standing by the Obama administration in defiance of the media, liberal and progressives, who vetoed his ascension to the CIA spot at the beginning of the President’s tenure……

Brennan in this New York Times process piece has seen the light…..instead of the Bush-era fight call of being tough, at all costs….Brennan has embraced the Commander-in Chiefs policy of finding a middle…of trying to ‘think outside the box’ before using the’ tough as you go’ approach…..

Presidents …like all bosses should be able to pick their top staff…and having Brennan back is going to make a lot of people happy and reassured in the White House…..

Note: ……look for similar pieces to come out in the Washington Post and elsewhere…the secondary goal of the piece is to show that the President is hard on terroism…and is is pushback on the last weeks beat down he took politically from the Republicans…….

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